FM Show 3 (19th Feb 1996)

The Steve Show was given a two-hour slot for the month long run of FM shows in spring 1996, so was forced to combine the normal dicking about with a collection of rehashed features from the ten week run of the previous term.

This is the third of those four FM shows, originally broadcast on 19th February 1996.

“Highlights” include Glenn Troupadour, the Take That Tapes, the Student Guide to Spain, and the Aerosmith “Big Ones You Can Look At” Giveaway.




2 Responses to FM Show 3 (19th Feb 1996)

  1. Dave says:

    Ooh, these’ll be interesting! I’ve always kicked myself that I didn’t hang on to the “FM Audition Tape” I had from (I’m guessing) Jan 1996, that I had to listen to and pass before the February month on FM. As I remember it, it was excellent, but broke, or at least skirted a number of Radio Authority Rules 😉

    (Programme Controller 95ish/96/97)

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