Big Steve Pimpin’ (23rd Oct 1995)

I’m sure there was an underlying concept for this AM show but it probably got lost somewhere along the way.

A vague conceit (which never really goes anywhere) where Steve turns the show into a brothel is combined with an painfully extended build-up to Cousin Dan’s ropey Irish accent.

The rest is just screeching.

If no one gets too worked up about it or takes it too seriously then we’re probably all going to be ok. We’re going to be fine. It’s ok. It’s fine. Just fine.






3 Responses to Big Steve Pimpin’ (23rd Oct 1995)

  1. Joe A-O says:

    Thanks for finding/recovering all these tapes, they’re really entertaining and it’s excellent to listen to them. Do you know if there are any more rattling about?

  2. The last one that I have will be put up later today.

    It’s *possible* that there are one or two other tapes in existence (the fourth FM show from 1996, for instance), but I don’t have them.

  3. houstonbrit says:

    Excellent listening of daft, innocent, happy, euphoric times. Some wonderful memories.

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