Closing Harmony (13th Oct 1995)

A final spiraling descent into the archives, as history that should probably have been left long forgotten is desecrated for the last time.

This one features a Dan Dares segment that is one long extended build-up to a damp finale. How appropriate.


And with this we’ve reached the end of the “known” tapes from The Steve Show. It’s *possible* that there are one or two others in existence (the fourth FM show from 1996 was definitely recorded), but I think we’ve all probably had just about enough for now. We get the gist. It all means nothing. Now we can all happily move on. Great. Thanks for listening!


One Response to Closing Harmony (13th Oct 1995)

  1. elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these, not only the tapes, but the pictures as well.

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