The Greatest Hits

It’s all relative, I guess, but these could be considered The Best Bits.

Each extracted “highlight” can be accessed from the numbered links below (when added….)

1    Jingle: The All New Steve Show
2    Glenn Troupador: ‘A Hard Days Night’
3    The Human Danimal [Part 1]
4    The Take That Tapes [Part 1]
5    Glenn Troupador – Introduction
6    Glenn Troupador: ‘La Bamba’
7    Hungry Hippos World Championship
8    Poet Tony Livingstone: ‘Reaper Cushions’
9    Advert: Roy & Tony – Freemasons
10    Ralph Lumbers presents ‘One Hundred Years Of Cinema’
11    The Human Danimal [Part 2]
12    The West Tapes [Part 1]
13    Advert: Roy & Tony – Fun Time Rock N Roller Derby
14    The Aerosmith Giveaway
15    French Initiative Week
16    The Take That Tapes [Part 2]
17    Poet Tony Livingstone : ‘Love Lives’
18    The Real Steve
19    The Human Danimal [Part 3]
20    Advert: Roy & Tony – Chuddly Jizzton Artificial Insemination Palladium
21    Glenn Troupador – Introduction 2
22    The West Tapes [Part 2]
23    The Steve Show Theme Tune
24    Jingle: News Cloud
25    Independent Radio News
26    Jingle: Baby’s Ass
27    Glenn Troupador – Rumbaba Twins Story
28    Glenn Troupador & The Steve – ‘Black & White’
29    Advert: Roy & Tony – Dr Halliwell’s Backstreet Removal Clinic
30    The Human Danimal [Part 4]
31    The Lost Ball
32    Advert: Fish Information Service
33    Poet Tony Livingstone: ‘Zodiac Time’
34    To The Stars [Part 1]
35    The Student Guide To Spain
36    The Take That Tapes [Part 3]
37    The Human Danimal [Part 5]
38    Advert: Roy & Tony – Twillington Private Hospital
39    Glenn Troupador: ‘Light My Fire’
40    The West Tapes [Part 3]
41    Poet Tony Livingstone: ‘Rough Light, Dark Sound’
42    The Human Danimal [Part 6]
43    To The Stars [Part 2]
44    Steve’s Way


4 Responses to The Greatest Hits

  1. Robyn. says:

    This is quite an effort on your part – if you’d ever like assistance editing the ‘bets bits’, or indeed any other assistance you can think of, I and the pilkipedia regulars would jump at the chance to help.

  2. Thanks Robyn! Sounds like a good plan.

    • Robyn. says:

      However you’d like to do it . If you’d like to put an appeal out generally and coordinate with Pilkipedia I would get in touch with Gtpod, our site administrator, and I would of course put an appeal out for volunteers on my blog. We’ll just need to know exactly how you’d like the clips formatted, transmitted, etc. Do let us know so we can get cracking!

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