Closing Harmony (13th Oct 1995)

A final spiraling descent into the archives, as history that should probably have been left long forgotten is desecrated for the last time.

This one features a Dan Dares segment that is one long extended build-up to a damp finale. How appropriate.


And with this we’ve reached the end of the “known” tapes from The Steve Show. It’s *possible* that there are one or two others in existence (the fourth FM show from 1996 was definitely recorded), but I think we’ve all probably had just about enough for now. We get the gist. It all means nothing. Now we can all happily move on. Great. Thanks for listening!


Big Steve Pimpin’ (23rd Oct 1995)

I’m sure there was an underlying concept for this AM show but it probably got lost somewhere along the way.

A vague conceit (which never really goes anywhere) where Steve turns the show into a brothel is combined with an painfully extended build-up to Cousin Dan’s ropey Irish accent.

The rest is just screeching.

If no one gets too worked up about it or takes it too seriously then we’re probably all going to be ok. We’re going to be fine. It’s ok. It’s fine. Just fine.





Tame, Neutered Anarchy (15th Jan 1996)

By the last of the AM shows in January 1996, ideas were clearly thin on the ground.

Here the gang resort to thumbing through the rule book, trying to find ways to be shocking.

The rest follows the same old format. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Whatever.


The One Where Steve Was Unwell (20th Nov 1995)

As was his wont, Winter was approaching and Steve was ill.

But the show went on, with the titular hero phoning in his contribution from the bosom of his family estate in the West Country, leaving the posse with the task of trying to fill the time slot with the usual inane screeching.

Includes more Ralph Lumbers. Ok? Good.


The Scraping of the Barrel (8th Jan 1996)

The sound you hear is the scraping of the barrel.

A post Christmas show from January 1996, with apparently zero preparation and thought.

Surprisingly more chilled and less manic than the usual efforts.


The West Tapes (13th Nov 1995)

Show five of the AM run, originally broadcast on 13th November 1995.

Still bumbling along with the same old rubbish, verging between puerile childishness and near the knuckle controversy.

Contains The West Tapes and Ralph Lumbers’ History of Cinema.


FM Show 2 (12th Feb 1996)

Second of the four FM shows, originally broadcast on 12th February 1996.

Glenn Troupadour is back (again), along with an ill-fated attempt to play a live game of Operation with callers who can neither see the board nor operate the tweezers.