Year One Compilation (part 1)

The Steve Show on W963, Radio Warwick, was first broadcast in the autumn of 1994, and continued weekly throughout the ten weeks of the term.

As this was an AM broadcast the audience was restricted to those unfortunate souls within the boundaries of the University of Warwick campus who happened to have strayed upon the signal, of which there were very few.

Every year, the station also gained an FM license that enabled it to broadcast to the Coventry and Leamington Spa region, though it is highly unlikely that anyone would’ve bothered to tune in.

This is the first of a four part compilation of the best bits from the month long FM broadcasts that occurred during March/April 1995.

It features Merchant, King, Warren, Colman and Greenwood, as well as contributions from Martin Proll and Geraint Parry.



4 Responses to Year One Compilation (part 1)

  1. skepticcanary says:

    Geraint Parry eh? Once a lowly sidekick of the great conquerer Stephen Merchant, now a known and respected member of the Arabidopsis research community. How times change.

  2. Spooky Kid says:

    Ska song @23:39? Anyone?

  3. Martin Proll says:

    I was most proud of my impression of George, the pink hippo from ‘Rainbow’.

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